Chiefs and Officers




Joseph F. Fraccalvieri
Chief of Department



Matthew Arundale
1st Assistant Chief


James Miga
2nd Assistant Chief


 William Sadousky
3rd Assistant Chief



Company and Squad Officers




Hook & Ladder Company No. 1


Captain: Kerry Carlock


Lieutenant: Jack Kresek


Phoenix Hose Company No. 1


Captain: Tony Schultz


Lieutenant: Ian Holzmacher

Sumpwams Hose Company No. 2


Captain: James Meurlin


 Lieutenant: James Bagliavio



Argyle Hose Company No. 3


Captain: James Slack


Lieutenant: James Clancy




Electric Hose Company No. 4


Captain: Sean McLaughlin


Lieutenant: Dave Guercio 




Fire Patrol Company No. 1


Captain: Alexander Weber


Lieutenant: Ryan McKeown




Rescue Squad


Captain: Brian Kuntz


Lieutenant: Hannah McGlinchey




Marine Unit


Captain: Paul Twardy


Lieutenant: Richard Nixon